Delray Beach’s Hot Dermatology Trends in 2018

Delray Beach is currently undergoing a massive transformation as far as the world of aesthetic enhancements goes. With many conventional cosmetic treatments being rapidly replaced by cutting-edge innovations, it is understandable that ordinary residents can hardly keep up with these changes. No one knows the future of dermatology better than the very same professionals who have dedicated their lives advancing the aims of the profession, helping improve the lives of ordinary folks. When asked about the hottest dermatology trends to hit Delray Beach this 2018, here’s what the Balshi Dermatology has to say.

In-Office Laser Treatments

The past several years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of Delray Beach individuals seeking instant skin rejuvenation using advanced laser treatments. What separates laser treatments of today from those of yesteryears is that they are now even more precise with many of the problems associated with laser treatments virtually eradicated. From skin resurfacing to the removal of spider veins, age spots, cellulite, fat, and unwanted hair, there’s bound to be a laser treatment that can do these jobs and many more. Laser treatments will also be used extensively in the development of healthier, more toned skin. One thing is clear, residents of Delray Beach can look to the future of laser treatments as more effective and safer options addressing a host of cosmetic and dermatology problems.


Botox as a Preventative

In the past, Botox was frowned upon by many in the Delray Beach area as an indirect admission of one’s advancing age. However, members of the dermatology profession are seeing a spike in the number of younger people going for Botox treatments as well as other neurotoxin formulations like Dysport and Xeomin in an apparent attempt to preclude the development of fine lines and wrinkles. The same is true among the 20s and 30s crowd of Delray Beach. Dermatology experts say that the felt need for preventing lines and wrinkles has increased exponentially in the past couple of years. It is for this reason that the use of carefully-prepared and -administered neurotoxins will continue to be a very hot trend this 2018.

Continuing Growth of Non-invasive Body Enhancing Procedures

What used to be treatments that required individuals going under the knife are now innovations that provide the same benefits of a carefully-planned and executed surgical cosmetic procedure but without its many side effects. In Delray Beach, residents can now expect clinics to provide a variety of cosmetic procedures that are designed to enhance the shape of the human body without going under the knife. And while many dermatology clinics are still trying to keep up with these trends, Dr. Balshi has been doing it for some time now. As such, one can only expect that the treatments are way better, safer, and more effective than ever before.


These are just a few of what residents of Delray Beach can expect from the world of aesthetic enhancements for the year 2018. But for those who can’t wait for such treatments to bring the much-desired changes in their lives, there’s always Balshi Dermatology where they may schedule an appointment.

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